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Have you noticed that in this new "paperless" society that we live in we actually use more paper than ever before?

The boom of the computer generation and internet promised us that we would use less paper. This was the same promise made to our forefathers with the advent of the telephone, radio, and television. Instead we now have printers, fax machines, and copiers that cry out for more and more paper.

It is not our position to lead you in using less paper but rather show you some of the hidden magic in today's wonderful technology.

There are many sources for you to get free paper to be used in any way you see fit. This is paper sitting idle, ready to be gathered by the precious few who know how to go about it.

And now for the first time this secret of Big Business is broken so that the masses can take advantage of the fruits of our ancestors labor.

Feel free to use this system to get paper for home, office, or school.


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